Moshe's - Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

Moshe'sSituated on the stretch of road from Nariman Point towards Cuffe Parade, Moshe's is easy to miss. The little entrance is covered by bamboo shrubs, and you've got to look closely to notice it.

They have a few tables outside and a few inside. It was lunch time, and we chose to go in.

Moshe's feels like wood and metal. The wooden floor sinks slightly as people walk past. The walls are painted red in a rusty shade. Tables and chairs are black or dark brown, and the large wheel of lights on the ceiling is a sight. Every window is decorated with vases of leaves.

Harissa PrawnsNow, to the food. We started with the Mushroom and Almond soup. It may have been lacking in salt, but I think that the thyme filled the gap. The Harissa Prawns were excellent all around. Right from the salad dressing on the spinach to the pine nut seeds mixed with olives. The bread was grilled to the right level. Not too hard, but just firm to hold the prawns. This one's highly recommended.

The Oaf Memulay was interesting. It's a grilled chicken stuffed with a mixture of couscous, pine nuts and chicken mince. It's served with mixed vegetables, and quite tasty.

We washed the food down with a Lemon Grass cooler and a Peachy cheek.

Moshe's is open all night on New Year's eve. You may want to give it a try.

Blues rates it:
Food - Excellent
Service - Good
Price - Empties your wallet
Decor - Rustic
Overall - Great place to sit, relax and eat

Recommendation - Definitely go there

Getting there:

They're at No. 7 Minoo Manar, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai. If you're driving from Nariman Point towards Cuffe Parade, just after the junction of four roads going towards Regal, colaba causeway, Nariman point and Cuffe Parade, keep a look out on the left. It's easy to miss. The security guard and valet drivers up front will help you spot it.