Choolah - Museum Road, Bangalore

Choolah is a Punjabi restaurant at the start of Museum Road. It seems to have taken over from Aryashree. The food is nowhere near being good. The names of dishes on the menu are alien to even the waiters. Dal Bukhara is actually Dal Makhani and wasn't too bad. The tava mushrooms turned out to be tava chicken.

The server started to serve us the chicken when we told him that we hadn't ordered any. He then took the plate that he'd served the chicken onto inside, transferred the chicken back to the dish and served it to the people who'd really ordered it.

When they brought us plates, one was dirty. I asked them to change it. The server picked it up and handed it to the waiter, who wiped it and returned it.

Finally was the Dum Biryani, which was not good. The taste was okay, but the rice was extremely low grade. Not the kind of rice you'd expect one to make biryani from.

Blues rates it:
Food - So-so, not worth the price
Service - Confused
Price - Way to high for what they give you
Decor - Nothing much
Overall - Not worth the time getting there

Recommendation - Don't waste your evening going to Choolah

Getting there:
Ok, assuming you still want to get there... get to the junction of MG Road and Museum Road, then walk down Museum Road about 20 feet. Choolah is on your left.


Back Forty - San Ramon, CA

Their menu proclaims that everything is cooked fresh, especially the spicy sauce they use for mozarella sticks and other dishes. Not! The sauce was so stale it was bubbling with bacterial activity. I tasted it and it was fermented, and tasted over five days old. The corn bread was also stale and falling apart. I couldn't pick it up without it falling to pieces. In the end I had to use butter to hold it together. The iced tea was tasteless. The pork ribs were decent, as were the beans, but nothing else was.

Blues rates it:
Food - Awful
Service - Ok
Price - Average
Ambience - Boring
Overall - Bad place

Recommendation - Don't go there. Go for the seafood or a Big Mac

Getting there:

21001 San Ramon Valley Blvd
San Ramon, CA 94583
N 37° 43.623
W 121° 56.6319