Noah's Ark - Panaji Jetty, Panaji, Goa

It's not often that a land lubber gets to dine on a boat, so this is probably an experience worth paying for. Better food may have made it worth it. In my opinion, a name like Noah's Ark itself should raise your shields and set your senses on alert. Unfortunately, I hadn't seen the name mentioned anywhere until I'd actually ordered.

Let's start with the drinks. We ordered a bloody mary and a cosmopolitan. The bloody mary was terrible. It had tomato pulp in it and wasn't spicy enough. The cosmo was made well, but served in a whiskey glass with a lot of ice - which ended up diluting it till it tasted like water.

The food wasn't much different. We ordered satay chicken as starters and fillet of red snapper on thai rice noodles as the main course. The satay wasn't. It was more like chicken tikka kababs without the red colouring. The red snapper crumbled to bits, and the noodles weren't very conducive to the fork and knife that they'd provided us with.

One of the waiters had a fake accent and made lewd sounding comments (I couldn't actually understand what he said).

Blues rates it:
Food - Edible, but that's where it stops
Service - Fake accents and mush
Price - Through the roof
Ambience - Great - what you'd expect if you ate on a boat
Overall - Don't waste your time here, try a different boat

Recommendation - Go there for the experience, have a drink, and maybe just starters. Skip the main course. Do the cruise if you'd like, but do it with someone special.

Getting there:
Get to Panaji Jetty, walk towards the Mandovi bridge, and keep a lookout on your left for the big boat with the lights.


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