Little Chef Restaurant - Church Street, Bangalore

Note: This place has closed down.

Dinner at the garageSituated on the corner of Church street and Museum Road, you could be excused for passing by this restaurant. It looks a lot like a garage - an automobile repair shop, complete with auto parts, grease, tyres, corrugated aluminium roofs and not very bright tubelights. The hoarding outside looks more like an advertisement for a nearby restaurant rather than a nameplate announcing your location.

One enters and finds old car seats strewn about the place, coincidentally, in pairs, facing each other, with an awkwardly sized table marking the distance between each pair. The car seats are typical of the old ambassador or fiat that ruled the roads a couple of decades ago, and had more suspension in the seats than the axles.

We were five, so got a corner table with three passenger seats on three sides of it. Food was chinese, and I won't go into which dishes we chose, because I don't think it makes too much of a difference. There were four dishes in all - 3 non-veg and one veg - which were more than sufficient for the five of us.

I enjoyed the food, and the pieces of chicken were actually visible and identifiable.

Try the American Chopsuey, or the Schezwan. It's pretty good.

Blues rates it:
Food - good
Service - good
Decor - innovative
Price - pretty easy on the wallet
Overall rating - great

Recommendation: go there


Hotel Sapna - Residency road, Bangalore

Had dinner at Hotel Sapna, Residency road. The first thing that hits you about this place is how large it is. One could easily fit a pub and a dance floor in there... this so close to the Residency road/Brigade road junction and you can imagine the kind of money the proprietor would make, but noooo, he chooses to have a large, spacious, mostly void of customers restaurant that serves cheap food and has only one waiter.

The North Indian thali was palatable. South Indian food may have been better - no idea, and not going back to check. Food was cheap (only the thalis crossed the Rs.22 mark).

There were also no paper napkins to wipe your hands with.

Blues rates it:
Food - okay
Price - cheap
Decor - blah
Service - you'll have to beg the guy to serve you


You probably don't want to go there at all unless you're looking for a really cheap (in every sense) meal. It has nothing more to offer.
If you plan on setting up a pub, then maybe go in and talk to the owner about it.