5 Spice - Horniman Circle, Mumbai

Had lunch at 5 Spice today (Horniman Circle, Mumbai). The food was decisively delectable. There were just two of us, but we lapped up a lot.

- Pattaya Prawns
- Tapan Yakee Lamb

Main Course:
- Wooly Chicken
- Spicy Thai Rice (Chicken)

- Strawberry Cheesecake

Of the above mentioned 4 dishes, only the prawns were dished out in two person sized servings. The rice, lamb and chicken would have easily served 4, even with me at the table.

I liked the lamb the best. It's served with a brown sauce, slightly sweet to tangy, and sprouted moong (what's the English word for moong? sprouts (thanks prerna)) If eating with chopsticks, you should place a slice of lamb down on your plate, pile up some moong on it, dip into the sauce and pop into your mouth. I can still taste it. Wow.

The wooly chicken was also quite nice. A light brown gravy, not very spicy. It mixed well with the spicy thai rice which was really spicy. The strawberry cheesecake was the perfect top off, unless you're someone who dies for chocolate. I would not recommend the Death by Chocolate here to anyone who's eaten at Corner House before, but the Chocolate
Mousse, and cakes all looked verrrry tempting. They also have a 5 Spice sundae, which is very similar to Trilogy at Corner House (except there's no mango flavour).

Blues rates it:
Food - Excellent
Service - Good
Price - High, but servings are large to match
Decor - Pretty
Overall - Excellent


Yes, I highly recommend going here, and I suggest you do it in groups of at least 3 people, 4 if you'd like to try more than one dish.

Getting there:

Get down to Horniman Circle. If you're going around, take the lane behind RBI. Go down a bit, skip the first little gully (called Store Lane I think), and 5 Spice is the 2nd on your left.