Take 5 - 100 ft Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Take 5's logo is a saxophone, giving the impression that it's a place for good Jazz music, and, one hopes, good food too. It's not.

There are two sections to the place, which I'd like to describe as the lively area and the quiet area. The former is alongside the bar and beer flows freely. It's got the most crowd. The outer area has far fewer people, and is better if you just want to enjoy a quiet dinner. The music is nice, but not all Jazz. The genre shifts between Latino, Disco and classics, and a little Jazz.

The ambient lighting is dim, with a single light focussed on each table. You may have to move the menu around a bit to read it clearly. The tree outside the window has a nice effect through, especially when it glows with light from nearby neon.

The food is what we're here for though, so let's get on. Aglio Olio with chicken, an Italian dish, which should have an olive oil dressing arrived with a good dose of Indian spices. The whole garlic cloves that make up a good part of the flavour of this dish even had the skin still on.

The wine was passable... they could do with a selection better than one limited to Sula and Chateau Indage.

Blues rates it:
Food - Mediocre
Service - Decent
Price - Slightly uppish
Decor - Nothing to write home about
Overall - Not that great

Recommendation - I wouldn't recommend going there more than once, but it's skippable altogether.

Getting there:
Get to the Café Coffee Day on 100 ft. Road. It's on the 2nd floor above.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for this review, was thinking about checking out Take 5!:), i guess i wont.

6:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldnt really recommend this place to anyone. For starters, the waiters here have no clue what it entails to take an order, communicating with the Nepali lot is quite frustrating. Takes eons for someone to attend to you and when they finally do, they are in a rush.

Finally, after you have managed to place an order, the quantity that is served is not worth the dosh you are paying for it.

And beware if you are paying with your card, there is a chance that the card wont come back to you.

Like I said, I wouldnt really recommend this place to anyone.

10:28 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm....Nepali waiters apart, (a problem with every restaurant in bangalore), I would say the food is actually pretty good. If you have not sampled the "steak 5", which is their signature dish, then you really havent sampled their food. Add to that the great choice of Belgian beers...I wud rank this as a lovely place to spend an evening with friends. Of course, if you are 19 years old and looking for a raucus place to drink and puke....this is definitely not the place!

6:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Nepali waiters"...grow up...what's with the sectioning?

9:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a US expat who lived in Bangalore and I thoroughly enjoyed this pub. From the Chimay beer (by the way, I couldn't find Chimay anywhere, including the Leela Palace) to the extraordinary appetizers. Perhaps my most enjoyable evening in Bangalore was spent with friends quaffing Chimays, having appetizers, talking to Sunny, and watching India crush Australia in cricket. For the reviewers who didn't like the place, I encourage you to go back with an open mind. Talk to the waitstaff, talk to Sunny, soon you will feel the magic that is Take 5.

12:11 pm  
Blogger anna maria said...

So I happened to pry upon your review of Take 5, 5 years since your unpleasant nepali boy experience and not to mention the disappearing act of credit cards and ofcourse italian gourmet spiced up with indian spices..
Well, I wonder what to make of a high end eatery, on a high end food street, that seems to have survived bad food and service!!! I think it speaks volumes of how 'discerning' the city's residents are of cuisines other than those their mum's dish out for them!!!
Anyhow, since it seems to have survived, I think I'll take a chance and perhaps report back to you if its still worth a shot even after 5 years...incidentally, they have also taken their legendary reputation to goa now!! ;)

6:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well.. just came across your post so just wanted to know what is ypur take on "stereotyping people"..... fussy people with not an ounce of patience should perhaps ask thier wives/mums to cook.... and not "label" people.... this goes out to your equally "racist" friend/visitor of your blog for his "tasteless" comment.... GROW UP BOYS...

11:48 pm  

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