Rasoi Ghar - Ulsoor Road, Bangalore

Rasoi Ghar is someone's compound with tables and chairs and a shack roof. I'd heard rumours that they had a good meal for lunch, so decided to go there. Went there in the evening, and there wasn't anyone there. Not even a waiter or a proprietor. I walked towards the back and someone came to attend to me.

Tried the Aloo Mutter with chappatis, since it's pretty hard to screw that up. They screwed it up. The Aloo Mutter was the worst I've ever tasted, and the chappatis looked like someone had walked all over them and then slapped ghee onto them to stop them from going hard.

I had no choice but to leave the meal half eaten. It was quite cheap, but totally not worth the price or the time you spend sitting there.

Blues rates it:
Food - awful
Service - almost non existent
Price - cheap
Decor - none whatsoever
Overall - Nothing to talk about

Recommendation - Skip it

Getting there:

Turn on to Ulsoor Road from Dickenson Road. Rasoi Ghar is in the compound of the second house on your right.


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