Sufi - Wind Tunnel Road, Bangalore

SufiPersia, formerly, and currently known as Iran is in a region of the world where meat is the staple diet and Sufi is very much a meat eaters place. The first thing that strikes you is how large and grand it is. Sufi is designed to look like palatial balconies that overlook a central lawn. The seating area is arranged along two parallel balconies connected by a walkway. Persian art and curios line decorate the walls. The floor is wonderfully tiled. Lamps hang from the ceiling and rope curtains hanging about two feet down from the top provide the perfect punctuation to the ambience. Each table is placed on a persian carpet, some of which are 30 years old. Some tables have large, soft cushions instead of chairs.

If for nothing else, visit Sufi for the decor and ambience.

The food is nice, and one gets a good selection of chicken, mutton, beef and sea food. I wouldn't rate it as excellent though. What is good is the Doogh - a drink made of yoghurt and persian spices, however quite a few people do not like it.

They also have butter chicken, called Makhani Chooze. Most dishes are just a single piece except for the kababs.

For the veggies there is some Indian fare too. Hara Bhara kababs and various baingan and spinach dishes.

If you're someone who doesn't eat red meat, or stays away from beef, be warned that the kabab platter contains beef, mutton and chicken.

Now, you could go to Sufi and not eat. They have an art gallery with persian

Blues rates it:
Food - Ok, acquired taste
Service - Average
Price - Very Pricey
Decor - Excellent
Overall - Nice place to eat at once.

Recommendation - Go there, if only for the ambience

Getting there:

Go down Airport Road until you get to Pizza Hut on Wind Tunnel Road (the autorickshaw drivers know it at Murgeshpalya). Turn along Pizza Hut and move a few furlongs down. Sufi is attached to ClubX, just behind the Pizza Hut building.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes... we went there last night. I agree with all your comments. The ambience, typical seating arrangement, art gallery are great.. Food was so... so.. not much for vegetarians anyways...

12:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the worst places I have been to. Hype and gas. Had my anniversary and blew it with the horrible food and service.

11:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can somebody provide the phone nos of Sufi?

6:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sufis is closed now ...if your looking for Persian restaurant check out Aydas on church street or Alibaba Cafe and Restaurant on Frazer Town which serves both Arabian and Persian food.

12:25 pm  
Blogger gugiinsingapore said...

Sufi moved in with a pub called Next wast it? on Residency Road. Best way to find it, it in Chachi Towers, next to Konark on Residency Road. Theres a pub on top and the food is Sufi's. Try going on a week day or u get slammed with a cover charge to eat in a restaurant! helllo?!

8:10 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you looking for the best and fantastic persian food?come to 'SUFI' which has been opened recently in koramangala ,DO NOT MISS IT.

10:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the food. OMG, my taste buds were. . .I dont know how to say it. I just loved the place. and the hookah, omg. . .after the food-you ORDER that hookah and just lay back with a full stomach and smoke like a lazy bitch. haha. sip on some of that persian tea and listen to persian music. 3 words. . . WOW
and btw, FUCK Mr. Anonymous no. 3. you got now idea what your saying. suck my dick

1:58 am  

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