The food Lounge - ESI Hospital Road, Bangalore

The Food Lounge just pops out at you if you're walking down ESI Hospital road. You notice this glass wall, with unoccupied tables inside, and a couple of guys behind a counter, doing pretty much nothing. Walk in and check out the menu, and this looks pretty nice.

There are two things that hit you at the outset. This place is bright, and it's green. Okay, there's also the fact that it's empty, but I'd attribute that to the rainy Saturday evening. One wall has the semblance of smooth round rocks protruding from it, while the pillars between the glass wall to the outside have designs in mosaic tiles.

I wasn't feeling too hungry when I went there, and it wasn't too late either, so decided to try out a light salad. The guy behind the counter had a few suggestions, and when I told him that I'd like something with chicken, but no egg, he improvised and made it up for me. The bill I received said mixed veg salad, so that was interesting.

The salad was good. There's no doubt about that. What did disappoint me was the serving size. The bowl I was served in was a standard soup bowl, but it was topped up to less than half capacity. I lazed over it, and let it go down slowly. This place would be great for brunch on a bright afternoon with a lot of people going by.

They also serve meals - an executive veg meal for 65 bucks and a non-veg meal for 75, and can organise birthday parties, or corporate get-togethers at their premises - it could house about 25-30 people tops. There's also a special weekend brunch for Rs.110, but at that price, I'd rather go for a buffet.

I wouldn't go there too often, but I won't give it a miss either.

Blues rates it:
Food - Nice, very small servings
Service - Quick and friendly, accommodating too
Price - Reasonable, but could be slightly less for the quantity
Decor - Minimal, subtle, and nice
Overall - Ok, could be far better.

Recommendation - Yeah, go there, what the heck.

Getting there: If you're coming in from airport road, turn onto 100 feet road towards Indiranagar, and then take the first left. If you're coming from CMH road, then go down double road until it turns into 13th cross, and finally ESI Hospital road. If you're coming from Cambridge road, come down 3rd main until you get to the ESI Hospital and turn right.

Keep going till you come to Figurine Fitness (on your right if you're coming from ESI Hospital, left if you're coming from Airport road). The Food Lounge is right next to it.


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