Sigri - Indira Nagar, Bangalore

Sigri sells itself as a north Indian place in Indira Nagar. They have all kinds of dishes ranging from Fish in almond gravy to Afghani Chicken and Dum Biryani. They also have a selection of vegetarian dishes.

Every dish that I've tried here has been good, especially the fish. Fish preparations are generally tandoori or thick gravy style, and not what you'd get on the coast. Their chicken dishes are also quite good and tender. Servings are large enough for a two people with a little left over.

If there's anything I'd stay away from, it's the biryani. I'm not easily impressed with biryani at restaurants, and Sigri found it easy to disappoint me.

They have two floors, and there's not much to choose between the two, except the spiral staircase.

Blues rates it:
Food - Good
Service - Good
Price - 100 bucks a head or so
Decor - Pleasing
Overall - Good place

Recommendation - Good place to eat.

Getting there:

Go down 100 feet road towards Old Madras Road, take a left on 1st Cross, it's about one furlong in, on the right.


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