Souza-Lobo - Calangute Beach, Calangute, Goa

There are places that end up on tourist guides as the recommended place to be, and there probably isn't much point in writing about them. I cannot, however, leave Souza-Lobo's without a mention.

Like all other places on Calangute and Baga beaches, Souza-Lobo's puts tables out on the sand in the evening, with candles on each table. Unlike the others, they've been there for decades, and have a solid structure behind it all. You could choose to sit inside, on the verandah, or on the beach. The decor is very Portuguese, or maybe, just Goan.

They serve all kinds of food, but when in Goa, one mustn't eat anything but Goan food.

We tried fish tikka (King fish), Goan masala fried prawns, Chicken Xacuti and Sausage Pulao. The king fish and goan masala fried prawns were excellent. The prawn gravy was especially tasty, and the fish was soft and succulent on its own. The Xacuti, I thought, had a little too much gravy, but it treated the palate well. The sausage pulao (and sausage is one way to judge a Goan chef) wasn't the best that I've tasted. I'd recommend it anyway, but there are places where you'd get better sausage pulao.

Souza-Lobo also has a seafood platter, which has a whole bunch of things for Rs.300/-, this too, not unlike other restaurants in the area.

The thing that stands Souza-Lobo apart from others is the music and dancing. They have a live band playing popular numbers, and every now and then, a dance troupe of four performers doing a little Goan or Portuguese number. It's very entertaining, and drunken tourists often join in, dancing alone when the band plays.

The alcohol selection is pretty standard.

Blues rates it:
Food - Good
Service - So-so
Price - Touristy - more than what you'd pay if it weren't on the beach
Ambience - Open air, live music and dancing
Overall - Definitely the place to eat at Calangute

Recommendation - Go there in the evenings, and sit outside. Get the dancing.

Getting there:

Get down to Calangute Beach from the Goa Residency (GTDC) hotel. It's the third place on your right, on the beach. You can't miss it.


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