Casandré - Calangute, Goa

Casandré is one of those restaurants that you walk past at dinner time and think, "Man, that must be expensive". We walked in at lunch time - well, much after lunch time actually - while most Goans had their afternoon siesta. We were greeted by a friendly waiter with a smile from ear to ear, and he remembered us on subsequent days as well.

There are two seating areas. The first on the verandah, with a view of the road, and the second inside, which is rather dark. A prominent sign inside reads, "No Drugs".

Peter ArajoA glance through the menu told me that if Goan was what you were looking for, then this place had the right kind of food. We ordered a Kingfish curry, and baked mussels, washed down with palm fenny. The owner - Peter Arajo - suggested that we try it with lemonade. We tried it neat and with lemonade, and the latter really gave it something.

While we waited for our meal to arrive, Peter told us stories of how he'd save up pocket money as a youngster to buy fenny for 5 rupees and have it with lime cordial, and how the art was dying out as no one wanted to collect toddy anymore.

The fish curry and rice was authentic, and I lapped it up with delight, eating with my hands. The smile on my face said it all. The feeling was shared by my companions. The mussels weren't bad either, but January not being prime season, were medium sized. We were told that they get bigger in the following months.

The next morning we were back for breakfast and tried the Full Monty English Breakfast for Rs.100/- It is comprised of Sausages, Bacon, Eggs, Mushrooms, Baked Beans and Toast and is quite filling. They have several types of pancakes as well, that were nice, but could have been more imaginative. Also try their high protein milk shakes.

There's also a pool table to spend some time on. A definite do not miss place.

Blues rates it:
Food - Excellent
Service - Friendly and prompt
Price - Affordable, high if you go for proper seafood
Ambience - Quiet, charming and lazy
Overall - Nice friendly place to have a meal

Recommendation - Make it one of your regular stops

Getting there:
Walk down towards Calangute Beach from Calangute Market. It's on your right just after Eden. The place looks like someone's house.


Blogger Sudhanshu said...

I remember this place from my goa trip back in Dec 2003, or Jan 2004 if you like. Of all the stuff that I had tried, I remember Shark Fish, which was a little sweet, but delicious. Infact it was so good, that I haven't forgotten it after so long.

Definitely a good place to go to.

7:47 pm  
Anonymous Hazel Myers said...

Very crreative post

10:06 pm  

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