Bobby Dhaba

Chaas at Bobby DhabaCharming, old world rustic, quaint little lakeside restaurant are not terms that would normall be used to describe Bobby Dhaba... except for the lakeside part that is. The food here is to die for, and if you're unlucky, you could come close. So why am I telling you about this place? Bobby Dhaba is, probably the only accessible place in the heart of Bangalore city, where one can get an authentic, no frills, dhaba experience.

The dhaba is someone's house, or used to be at least. You enter into what seems to be the ground floor. Place your order first, and then head half a flight of stairs down into the eating area. This has a bunch of tables along the walls. On one end one has a charpoy for diners to sit on, while other tables have simple benches. The dhaba dog makes his rounds every once in a while.

On the menu is a standard fare of North Indian vegetarian dishes. Rajma masala, Daal Tadka, Daal Makhani, Egg Burji (ok, it's not pure vegetarian), and Paratha. Mmmm, paratha.

Dog at Bobby DhabaIf you ask for paratha in Bangalore, most people would send you off to Lalitha's Paratha Point, but if you'd like it served pure, buttered side up, then Bobby Dhaba is the place. They have a small selection. Aloo, Gobi and Muli paratha. Each plate served hot with a huge blob of butter sitting on the top one. To partake of this feast, lift a paratha, swirl the butter around it a bit, and slide it onto the one below giving the next person a chance. Drop the paratha into your plate, and nurse your burnt finger tips. The large bowl of curd you've just received could help. You then stare dumbfounded as the boy brings in your next order of parathas cradled in the palms of his hands.

Parathas though, are not their only speciality. Probably tieing for top rank at this place is the Chaas. Served in a huge aluminium tumbler, many a diner has had a hard time finishing one of them. The chaas needs no seasoning. It has exactly the right consistency and taste, feeling slightly spiked and immensely refreshing.

Bobby Dhaba is not for the squeamish or for ye with weak stomachs. What passes for ambience is sufficient to turn away the faithless believer, but most who stay have lived to sing its praises. The dhaba dog, is friendly, but won't beg for food. If you don't like dogs, it may be a good idea to get one of the corner seats and not attract his attention. You'd also do well to be polite to the boys who serve you. You wouldn't want to be served parathas made of potato peel, after all.

So would you still want to visit Bobby Dhaba after all this? If you're an iron stomached Indian, with local food experiences on life's todo list, then this is one you can't miss. I'm glad I visited, several times at that, and I've lived to tell the tale.

Blues rates it:
Food - Yum
Service - Yes
Price - Affordable
Ambience - None whatsoever
Overall - Good place

Recommendation - Go there if you have an iron stomach

Getting there:

Bobby Dhaba is located next door to the Gurdwara at Ulsoor Lake in Bangalore. Head a little down the slope and look out on your right. They're closed on Mondays.


Blogger thinkdeep said...

im elated and a little bothered that i have stumbled upon you today... i mean since uve obviously been around for a while.. :) ur blog is scrumptious...

10:10 am  
Blogger Mitali said...

I like to eat at typical dhabas..the overall rustic look and ambiance adds to the flavour of delicious Indian food. I'd visited Bobby Dhaba really long time back and it was awesome experience. Now we have got so many dhabas and restaurants in Bangalore that offer online home delivery and online table booking also. We have come really long way but I still enjoy visiting typical dhabas.

2:02 pm  
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