Seashells - Off Residency Road, Bangalore

If you've ever wondered what happened to all the dance bars that were closed down last year, you should visit Seashells. This, I believe, is what all of them would look like. Large, spacious, dimly lit, a bar, multiple cuisines, many, many waiters, and few customers.

The first thing you see when you enter is a fish tank on the left with a large single silvery white exotic looking fish swimming in it.

The restaurant's name suggests that seafood is good here, but they still label it a multicuisine restaurant. For those who do not know, multicuisine generally means that they get all of them wrong. These guys aren't too far off that mark.

Their fish isn't too bad. You could enjoy it if you weren't thinking about the price you were paying for it. The unpublished prices are really high, and quantities are really low, so make sure you ask before ordering.

The chinese cuisine is really bad, and lacks any semblance of being food. The chopsuey we ordered had only fried noodles and sauce. There were three strands of carrot, a flake of a cabbage, a single cube of pineapple, and several slivers of capsicum. This in a bowl for two people. Do not order chinese at this place.

They also claim to serve tandoori and sub-continental (hyderabadi I think) food, but I wouldn't expect too much from it.

There are a large number of waiters - outnumbering the number of available tables, and three or four of them will descend upon you to take your order and serve you.

Blues rates it:
Food - Mostly bad
Service - Overwhelming
Price - Too high to be worth it
Ambience - Boring
Overall - Not worth it

Recommendation - Don't waste your time going here

Getting there:
The restaurant is on the lane that connects Residency road to MG Road at Symphony. It's the building next to Corner House. You can get in from either the Residency Road back entrance or the front entrance. The restaurant is on the first floor, with bright blue neon lights spelling out its name.


Blogger Adarsh Bhat said...

Are there any restaurants in Bangalore today that are not multi cuisine?

6:11 pm  
Blogger Philip said...

yeah, many. there are pure south indian places, pure chettinad, pure north indian, pure andhra, etc. there are also continental, oriental, etc.

6:33 pm  
Blogger gC. said...

dude great reviews on the site. But it would be great if you publish numbers of the restaurants too

9:42 pm  

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