Khyber - Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

I'd read good reviews of Khyber at various places, and read the entire story of its burning and rebuilding, so decided to visit during the Kala Ghoda art festival.

The first thing that you notice is that tables are placed very close to each other. It's easy to overhear conversations happening around you, even if they're not in your native language. The lighing is dim, and varied kinds of music plays.

The food isn't great. The rotis and naans are a tad hard, and not easy to hold onto. The Badaami Chicken (Almond Chicken) that we ordered was quite nice, and sufficient for two people.

All in all, I don't think I'd go back too soon, but I wouldn't put it on my never visit again list.

Blues rates it:
Food - Good
Service - Okay
Price - Uppish
Ambience - Cramped
Overall - Not the Khyber of old

Recommendation - Go there once maybe

Getting there:
Head towards Kala Ghoda from the VT side. The black building on the left hand side corner just before where the black horse used to be is Khyber.


Blogger zahra.. said...

hey.. ur review was really helpful. i am going to kyber tommorrow night. i have heard rave reviews about the food though. saying the food is really good.lets see how it turns out. thanks a lot!!

10:02 pm  

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