Rice Bowl - Lavelle Road, Bangalore

This is one place that I've been to on several occassions, and I've tried various dishes. Only one has come out a winner for me. The Phad Thai noodles. They aren't listed on the main menu, so most people miss it, but it's on the special menu, and is a steal.

For best effects, have it plain without a side order of meat or vegetables. Don't even bother with a soup as that could dilute the taste in your mouth. The Phad Thai here is best savoured alone.

The place has nothing to boast about as far as the decor is concerned. Lighting is dim but sufficient to see what you're eating. Music is interesting, and I've heard them play Metallica and The Scorpions with a largely family clientele. The air conditioning is a tad underpowered, making the place seem a little warm.

They have separate smoking and non-smoking sections, but no partition between them. Alcohol isn't marked up too much from the MRP.

Note: Don't mix this up with the Rice Bowl on Residency Road

Blues rates it:
Food - Tasty
Service - Good
Price - Decent if you know what to order
Ambience - Nothing to boast about
Overall - Good for some dishes

Recommendation - I'd suggest going there to try the Phad Thai noodles. A few other items on the menu are good, but this is the best.

Getting there:
Walk down Lavelle Road from the MG Road end. Just after the road curves, you notice SQL and Desmond's on the left. Immediately after Desmond's, you'll see rice bowl. It's in the basement of a larger building. The board is quite small next to the entrance and easy to miss if you aren't looking for it.


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