Mum's Kitchen - Miramar, Panaji, Goa

Mum's kitchen came highly recommended from several friends, so I had to try it out. Time, however, only allowed me to try the desserts there. I can't do justice to the place with this review, but it will serve as a placeholder until I've sampled their wares well.

The dessert I tried was the crepe pancake with vanilla icecream, and it was divine. Just the right combination of icecream, coconut, and all the other fillings. Even if you're not given to trying sweet dishes with strange sounding combinations, I'd suggest you give this a try and suprise yourself.

The staff is quite helpful, and from what I've seen, the place is always crowded during daylight hours.

Blues rates it:
Food - TBD
Service - Good
Price - Not too high
Ambience - Plain
Overall -

Recommendation - Go there

Getting there:
On the way to Miramar beach from Panaji, stop just before the beach. Mum's kitchen is on the left.


Anonymous Vineet Goa said...

I have visited Mum's Kitchen a lot of times but only for its food. The service sucks. You enter the restaurant to be welcomed by unfriendly grim faces who never smile and are too mechanical. It seems that the server robot's battries are too weak.
On a very recent visit my credit card got blocked due to the negligence of the service team.
Tried to speak to the owner - Ronny Martins, but he didn't seem interested and slammed the phone.
Will never go there nor recommend anybody to this restaurant.

7:51 pm  
Anonymous Sivan said...

Mum's Kitchen is one restaurant in Goa (Miramar, DB road)that I would NEVER recommend to anybody. You can thank your stars for the day if you get a good service from Mum's Kitchen. I had to walk out with my family once because of the impolite behavior of the staff. And sure, the management is not bothered...!!!!!

5:14 pm  
Anonymous Binu & Suresh, UAE said...

Usually good food at Mum's Kitchen, but we do not think when an over-priced dish is served by grim faced, uninviting staff it is appealing. We had a very bad experience with the behavior of the staff.
Binu & Suresh Verkot, Dubai.

5:30 pm  
Blogger Bernice Pereira said...

Mum's kitchen is a shame. The service took ages, then we were served a wrong dish. To crown it all there was a rusty nail in the food served to my son, which could have killed him by perforating his intestine had he swallowed it. This place despite its good ambience is certainly a no no

1:12 am  

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