Casa Picola - Residency Road, Bangalore

Casa Picola is an open air café style restaurant where you can get good continental food and tasty desserts at an okay price. Everything we sampled was very good, and highly recommended. The chicken and vegetarian casseroles are baked, covered with mashed potato and served with garlic bread. The chicken stroganoff is served with rice.

Among the desserts, the black forest crepe/pancakes are highly recommended.

Don't expect much in the way of decor. They have round metal tables and metal chairs and a parasol over each pair of tables.

Blues rates it:
Food - Good
Service - Good
Price - Slightly uppish
Decor - open air café
Overall - Good food, good place

Recommendation - Go there often if the cuisine suits you

Getting there:

It's in Devtha Plaza, right opposite Bishop Cotton Boys' school on the junction of St. Mark's Road and Residency Road. Once you get to Devtha Plaza, get to the entrance, and take the stairs on the outside going downwards.


Blogger Philip said...

This was posted by Bernhard on my livejournal:

Hi there,

Just read your review of Casa Picola. Actually I do not really agree with it. I wanted to post this comment to your restaurant blog, but for some reason it did not work.

So here is my opinion: The orange juice I had was good. No water and good oranges. I think that the salads are ok and nice to eat for their light curd dressing. Actually I often go there to get a vegetable salad (Seasonal Salad). The garlic baguette is not really a baguette, but more some kind of blown-up toast in the shape of a baguette. However I guess this is the best one gets in B'lore. Don't try the macaroni salad. It basically consists of cold pasta with lots of mayonnaise. For some reason I had the impression that it was some complementary dish for some other pasta dish on the menu ;). The other items also did not really correspond my expectations for European food. The Pasta was cooked far too long and was mixed with some oily sauce. Instead of cheese, paner was put on the top of the pasta as some sort of substitute for parmesan (which one actually does get at Nilgris!). For a dessert I once tried the profiterole. Instead of the hot dough balls filled with cream-ice mixture toped with a little chocolate sauce I received some hard and thick pastry cut open. Lots of ice cream was stuffed in it and the whole thing was swimming in masses of hot chocolate sauce. Whereas it was the largest portion of profiterole I have seen in a restaurant, it was also among the least sophisticated as well.

All together I think it is really a pity that continental food is presented like this in India. Casa Picola offers lots of quantity (in terms of fullness feeling afterwards). The lonely planet and guide rouchard logos on the door speak for themselves. I guess the restaurant mainly caters for backpack tourists which cannot stand Indian cuisine any more. They are sick of spices and wish something tasteless. They do not really care about money (in the end of the day it is not much for them anyway). They accept drawbacks on quality, but quantity is high on the list of preferences.

Sorry for this negative critique, Philip. I hope your trip to France will make you agree with me afterwards ;)


4:57 pm  
Blogger Jay said...

I enjoyed the Casa DeSol (top floor) sunday brunch.. For beer bellies, its a steal for around Rs.520.. 12 to 4pm, unlimted beer and buffet (they day i went, they had seafood cocktail rice.. was yummy.. and the salad spread also was decent..)

11:50 pm  
Blogger shekar said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you guys been to Umerkot, its a new place in Koramangala; discovered it last week through a friend. You have to be there and try their kebabs.

11:50 pm  
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