Swadishta - MG Road, Bangalore

Not the kind of place one would review, but I'll try. Swadishta is an Andhra restaurant on MG Road. It's the best of the worst (read affordable) restaurants around. The Andhra Thali, Egg Fried Rice and Biryani are favourites, though they seem to have hiked the price on Egg Fried Rice and Biryani since we started going there. For the weak stomached, there's always curd rice.

I believe they also serve alcohol here, but I've never asked.

Blues rates it:
Food - Ok, a little spicy
Service - not bad
Price - reasonable
Decor - sit and eat kind of place
Overall - Another one of those daily meal places

Recommendation - Not a place to take a date, but if you're just out for lunch or dinner while working, then go there. Don't go there too often or you could screw up your stomach.

Getting there:
It's at the base of Mittal Tower on MG Road. Can't miss it.


Anonymous Ayan Chatterjee said...

Appreciate your review on the restaurant. My office is nearby and I was fed up of the Adiga. There is always Biryani ghar but it is a little far. Thus I was planning to try this. Let me give it a shot :)

1:15 pm  

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