Santrupti - Off MG Road, Bangalore

Note: The place is either undergoing renovation or has been demolished.

Santrupti was one of the first few places I had dinner at. It has nothing to offer, but if you're hungry and this is the only place around, go in and eat. It won't cost you much. They close at 10pm, but will serve you if you get in at 9:55.

The good stuff there is the bullet idli. 12 idlis in a bowl of sambar. Really good. I think it's a Monday special. The Kudubu is nothing special, and their weird Spring Roll Dosa is worth a miss. North Indian thali is okay, not worth the price and skip the soup. Dosas are okay too, but heavy on the oil. If you really want dosas, walk down to Adigas instead.

Note: Santrupti appears to be closed for renovation or demolition. It isn't clear which at the moment.

Blues rates it:
Food - okay
Service - okay
Price - easy on the pocket
Decor - sit and eat kind of place
Overall - good for a regular eating place until you get fed up of it.

Recommendation - If you like South Indian food, Santrupti is good, and it's cheap enough that you can make this one of your regular dining spots.

Getting there:
Go down MG Road towards Trinity Circle. Take a left at the circle, and it's the first entrance on your right, opposite the Taj. You'll have a hard time crossing the road.


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