Lalitha's Paratha - Dickenson Road, Bangalore

Lalitha's Paratha on Dickenson road is a reasonably large sized restaurant with AC, non-AC and secluded areas. They're famous for their parathas, as being one of the few places in Bangalore where one can get a good taste of north India. Unfortunately, they throw in too much oil to make their point.

They have a variety of parathas. Aloo (Potato), Gobi (Cauliflower), Mooli (Radish), Onion, Egg and Chicken. A paratha plate consists of two parathas and a bowl of curd. The chana masala, rajma curry and butter chicken go well with any of the parathas.

Lalitha's Paratha also serves very oily biryani. Choices are chicken, mutton and egg. I'd suggest skipping the biryani.

Blues rates it:
Food - Good, oily
Service - Decent
Price - Reasonable
Decor - just a place to sit and eat
Overall - If you like paratha, this is the place

Recommendation - good regular dinner place. Get home delivery if your order is more than Rs.150.

Getting there:
Go down Dickenson Road from Manipal Centre away from MG Road, towards Commercial Street. Follow the road as it turns left. Go past Wigan and Leigh college, and the sweet shop. Lalitha's Paratha is clearly visible across the road from the tempo parking area.

They also have a branch at Domlur, on the road behind Shanti Sagar. This one's much smaller though.


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nice review dude. but it would be useful if you also posted the numbers of the retaurant.
THAT would make your blog popular.


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Blogger Philip said...

I post numbers sometimes - when I have them.

12:33 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

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