93 - Residency Road, Bangalore

Restaurant closed Ponnasamy's has opened in its place

93 is a little Indian/Chinese restaurant on Residency road. There are innumerable restaurants on Residency road, and 93 is one of the better ones. The food is good, the ambience is great, there's not too much of a crowd, and you can just sit there for hours talking.

We visited 93 on a Wednesday evening, which probably explains the lack of crowd. After having talked for well over an hour, we ordered. Dishes ranged from American Chopsuey, Tsing hai chicken and veg haka noodles, to makai palak (corn in spinach) and rotis.

The chopsuey was great, as was the tsing hai chicken. Haka noodles with garlic sauce was good too, but I prefer to have it with chicken.

If you're interested, they will also provide you with a pair of chopsticks.

The only problem was that they forgot to give us any cutlery, though considering how long we waited before ordering, they might not have been expecting us to eat.

Blues rates it:
Food - excellent
Service - good
Price - easy 50 rupee meal
Decor - very cool
Overall - great place to eat, or just chat

Recommendation - Go there, definitely.

Getting there:
Go down Brigade road to the junction of Residency road. Turn right onto Residency road and keep going up to the petrol pump. 93 is on your left, right opposite the pump. It's part of Hotel Algate, which is at #93 Residency Road, hence the name.

Phone: 91-80-25594786/7/8/9/6965/66


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