The Dhaba - Outer Ring Road, Bangalore

If you've been for a late-night show (in Bangalore that means 9:30) at Multiplex, and are looking for dinner soon afterwards, you have several choices. There's the food court at Multiplex (no), there's the dhabas across the road (seedy looking), and then there's The Dhaba, about a kilometre away.

The moment you walk in, you're hit by the decor. A lot of it is made to look like straw roofed sheds. The tables are made out of tree branches and a large slab of wood, but half the seats are well cushioned. There's the front of a large "Horn Ok Please" style truck against one wall, with its lights on high beam, and there's the side of another truck making up the back rest of one of the larger seating areas.

I thought it was all very nice, but also a tad confused.

Service was quick, but the waiters weren't sure who ordered what, as a result, dishes tended to end up at the opposite end from the person who ordered them. Alan finished his meal without getting to his tandoori rotis.

We ordered a lot. Butter chicken, chicken biryani, paneer makhani, veg navratna, and two bread baskets. Portions were quite large, and the six of us were stuffed by the end.

The restaurant also has an alcohol menu.

Blues rates it:
Food - nice, but not great
Service - prompt, but confused
Price - high
Decor - very cool
Overall - Good place to try once

Recommendation - If you're into concept restaurants and interesting decors, you'll like this place.

Getting there:
On outer ring road, Martahalli, move from the airport road bridge away from Innovative Multiplex. Keep going till you see the first bunch of restaurants on the left. There's one on the ground floor, and another on the first. The Dhaba is the one on the first floor. It's got several used tyres laid outside.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ambience is good but if you are in for some good Dhaba food, then this would be the wrong place to be. The biryani, especially is not at all north Indian dhaba style and so many of the other items.

5:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BIryani, remember, is not Punjabi cuisine at all and is not available at any of the actual dhabas!!!!!!!!!
SO dont blame them!

1:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why the hell there is not home delivery...

1:59 pm  

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