Spiga - Vittal Mallaya Road, Bangalore

I've dined at Spiga thrice since coming to Bangalore, and have enjoyed all three experiences. The first time we ordered a host of dishes - 10 in all, plus soup. The mushroom soup is good.

I tried the Red Wine chicken. There was only a hint of wine, and in only one mouthful. Other dishes included Alfredo chicken, lots of veg pasta stuff, and some tossed salad that no one touched. Some of the guys tried the Fajitas. They're nice, but don't order that as an only dish.

Soft drinks are served in large tumblers, and last through the meal.

Lighting is dim, with certain areas lit only with candle light. It has a kind of charm to it. You're also treated to Worldspace radio, tuned in to some good channels.

Spiga's forté is Italian. Stick with the pastas, steaks and garlic bread. You won't be dissappointed.

All in all, food was good, especially when you have good company. Prices were on the high side, but affordable.

Spiga is on Vittal Mallaya road, just off St. Mark's Road. It's easy to miss, so look for the Ritu Kumar showroom, Spiga's located on the first floor of the house to the right of that.

Blues rates it:
Food - very good
Service - depends on how crowded it is, but generally adequate
Price - On the high side. Don't make it a daily affair.
Decor - Great

Recommendation - Put it on your list of places to visit often.

Update: On a subsequent visit to Spiga, I had my credit card lifted, and several purchases were made off it. The experience has scared me away from visiting this place ever again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

have been there a couple of times. found it average. what i did not expect was a brusque and rude waiter who put his hand on a female companion's butt in the guise of pushing her out of the way! you bet i'm never going there again. heck i wouldn't send my worst female enemy there! for good italian try little italy. beats spiga by a long long mile. very pleasant service and ambience too.

7:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been to Spiga, before they shut down for a brief period, only to re-open later. Well as far as credit card mishaps go, it is a mixed bag: I for one forgot my card there once, only to find that the kind staff there had already cancelled the card. The place definitely has charm and warmth about it.

8:42 pm  

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