Hotel Sapna - Residency road, Bangalore

Had dinner at Hotel Sapna, Residency road. The first thing that hits you about this place is how large it is. One could easily fit a pub and a dance floor in there... this so close to the Residency road/Brigade road junction and you can imagine the kind of money the proprietor would make, but noooo, he chooses to have a large, spacious, mostly void of customers restaurant that serves cheap food and has only one waiter.

The North Indian thali was palatable. South Indian food may have been better - no idea, and not going back to check. Food was cheap (only the thalis crossed the Rs.22 mark).

There were also no paper napkins to wipe your hands with.

Blues rates it:
Food - okay
Price - cheap
Decor - blah
Service - you'll have to beg the guy to serve you


You probably don't want to go there at all unless you're looking for a really cheap (in every sense) meal. It has nothing more to offer.
If you plan on setting up a pub, then maybe go in and talk to the owner about it.


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